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Greetings, shadowhuters my name is Laura and since I'm such a fan of this series, I made a whole blog about it.

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the shadowhunter chronicles’ ladies + name meanings


Nephilim Week/Downworlders Network Battle [TID] Day 7: Favourite Species

Warlocks, also known as Lilith’s Children, are the immortal race of Downworlder offspring of Demons and Mundanes. Warlocks who cannot cast magic are called ifrits.

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The law is hard, but it is the law. 

Mark and Helen (c) cassandraclare

Wow! Aegisdea is rocking Mark and Helen!

Maybe he had known that girl, he thought. Maybe it was something he’d forgotten - who remembered the friends you had in kindergarten?

- for Esther

The Mortal Instrument characters → [Part 1/?]


shadowhunter chronicles dream cast: the blackthorns

teresa palmer as helen
jake abel as mark
cody christian as julian
charlie rowe as tiberius
ella purnell as livia
mackenzie foy as drusilla
max charles as octavian

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Simon’s reaction to Alec being “the hot one”.